Leak detection and repair


We specialize in swimming pool leak detection and repair. We offer expert leak detection for your pool. Our leak detection service is based on a thorough three-step routine, so that we may accurately and consistently find the location of your leak.

Beginning with an overall inspection of your pools plumbing and surface area, we can then proceed with a dye test and an ultrasonic leak detection test. Once the cause of your leak has been determined, our experts at On Three Amigos Plumbing Heating and Cooling will find a solution that will be in the very best interest of your pool.

Successful leak detection requires a combination of state of the art equipment, long-term experience, an instinctive intuition and determination. Many times a leak can be relatively easy to detect.

However, there are times when patience is a must and easy detection is not so easy. At Three Amigos Plumbing Heating and Cooling, leak detection is our specialty.

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